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Rodeph Sholom is an extended family of people who care about each other and our community. We strive to educate and inspire children, youth, and adults to participate actively in worship, Torah study, and Jewish life experience, and to put Reform Jewish religious and ethical principles into action. We seek to enrich the lives of our members, to contribute to the continuance and vitality of the Jewish people, and to help repair the world.
Thursday, April 2
Literature lovers and readers rejoice! Book Group gathers the first Thursday of each month to discuss books (or plays or poetry) written by a Jewish author or that have a Jewish theme. Enjoy books, snacks, and wine over rousing talk about plot, character, and theme. The book for April will be Spies of No Country […]
Friday, April 3
In 1970, in a major milestone in our 178-year history, the Rodeph Sholom School opened, becoming the first Reform Jewish Day School in North America. In this service, we will honor the past 50 years of Jewish and academic excellence and innovation. Shir Chadash is a once-a-month lively and musical Erev Shabbat service led by […]
Saturday, April 4
The perfect way to start a new week, Havdalah Unplugged features music, stories, and a chance to kick back, breathe deeply, and reflect. This energizing, thoughtful, and connective service is a treasured CRS tradition. No RSVP necessary.
Sunday, April 5
On April 5, CRS Sisterhood goes to the Soup Kitchen! Go to rodephsholom.org/volunteerhub to sign up for this date. Come join our 14 volunteers one Sunday a month from November to May to help prepare and serve meals to visitors at the St. Xavier’s Soup Kitchen in Chelsea. All volunteers must be over the age of […]
Sunday, April 5
This is a very special opportunity for parents and grandparents to indulge in a chocolate seder with their sprout!
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Mon, Mar 23

Challah for Shabbat After this first week of social distancing, we need some comfort, something traditional and familiar. Making a Challah for tonight’s Shabbat dinner is a perfect thing to do if you are one person or a couple, or you have kids. Calming and fulfilling – give it a try. It will be delish! Did you know the word challah comes from a commandment in the […]

Thu, Mar 19

We learn in Exodus 30:18 that God commands Aaron and his sons to “wash their hands and feet” before stepping into the Tent of Meeting. Jewish tradition calls for us to wash our hands every morning and recite the blessing Netilat Yadayim. It is a ritual that reflects the importance of water’s renewing effects on the soul. We are also required to wash our hands and say the blessing before eating any meal […]

Tue, Mar 17

With Passover quickly approaching, it’s time to start using up our Chametz (leavened bread). There’s nothing like a homemade noodle kugel to do the job!Below is a recipe for a delicious Salt and Pepper Kugel from Evelyn Block, mother of CRS congregant, Robin Block. Ingredients: 16 oz. medium noodles3 tablespoons canola oil5 large eggs, beaten3 […]

Fri, Feb 28

My journey into meaningful prayer began during my older son, Josh’s bar mitzvah preparation, about 12 years ago.  We took a series of classes with Rabbi Spratt, and there was something about it that so moved me, that I began coming to Friday night services.  At first, it was here and there, but soon, to […]

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