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Hebrew Courses

HEBREW BASICS | Intro to Hebrew Reading

Learn how to read Hebrew in this 8-week introductory course.  We will start at the very beginning, learning the letters and vowels and the mechanics of reading. At the end of the class, students will be fully able to read in Hebrew!

The online course will be taught by Melissa De Lowe, founder of Urban Lion Jewish Learning.

If you are an adult yearning to learn to read in Hebrew, this class will provide you with this skill set, giving you a key to prayer, Torah and modern Hebrew language. If you are the parent of a student at Rodeph Sholom School or Sholom Discoveries, this class will also equip you with the skills to help your young learner with Hebrew reading and pronunciation.

Members: $180 | Non-members: $360

MONDAYS at 8:00 AM: JAN 9 to MAR 13, 2023

TUESDAYS at 7:30 PM: JAN 10 to MAR 21, 2023

HEBREW BASICS 2.0 | Hebrew Literacy

In section 2.0 of our Hebrew Basics program, students will continue to work on their Hebrew literacy skills through the lens of the Shabbat prayer service.

A minimum of 4 students are required for the class to run.

Members: $180 | Non-Members: $360

Dates to be announced