B’nai Mitzvah Live Stream

B’nai Mitzvah Live Stream

Once the live stream begins, press the top of the player to unmute.


Click here to access the siddur.

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Dial: (929) 205-6099
Meeting ID: 810 0096 8098
Passcode: 696824

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Troubleshooting Tips

  • Fast internet connections are ideal for viewing, such as cable, fiber, and FiOS. Live streaming will not work with dial-up, and if you have a slow internet speed, you may experience stuttering or screen freezing.
  • If your screen freezes during viewing, please try reloading your browser. Also try clearing your history and shutting down other programs and web pages.
  • Google Chrome and Firefox work well with our Live Stream, while Safari can be less dependable. If you are unable to view Live Stream at all,  please try a different browser.
  • If you cannot hear the Live Stream, make sure you click “Tap to Unmute” at the top of the player.
  • Sound is largely a function of the quality of your audio equipment. External speakers will greatly enhance the sound.