Meyer W. Nathans Service Award Recipients

Meyer W. Nathans Service Award Recipients

The Meyer W. Nathans Service Award is presented annually to recognize individuals for their outstanding contribution of service over many years to the Congregation. These congregants exemplify the type of selfless service to the community for which “Mike” Nathans himself was well known, demonstrating what it means to be an active and engaged member of our community.

1991     Meyer “Mike” Nathans

1992     Henry Jacoby

1993     Nancy Solomon

1994     Hon. Helen Freedman

1995     Mary Sue Harkavy

1996     Joanna Kapner and Aaron Spiegel

1997     Jay Kranis

1998     Frederick Rudd

1999     John Kowal

2000     Alan Rosenthal

2001     Arnold Harkavy

2002     Roberta Semer

2003     Karen and Robert Weintraub

2004     Dr. Ann Beaton

2005     Bea Bayer

2006     Stephanie Lasher

2007     Donna Schragis and Joni Peltz

2008     W. W. Chuck Weiss

2009     Paul Arnsten and David Fleischer

2010     Debra Frischer

2011     Clare Sheridan

2012     Joseph Singer

2013     Susan and Doug Nemens

2014     Sarah Brooks and Rita Lichtenstein

2015     Arnold Bressler and Monica Jacobson

2016     Catherine Sull and Dr. Jacalyn Shafer

2017     Sloan Schickler

2018     Janie Roher and Claudia Wagner

2019     Nancy Crown and Gina Levine

2020     Jane Dystel

2021     Dr. Carlos Vaamonde and Dr. Ilana Katz Sand