Prayer of Healing

Mi Shebeirach

Prayer of Healing

Our Mi Shebeirach List

Each week when we gather for Shabbat services, we take time to recite a prayer of healing.  We pray for physical healing as well as spiritual, emotional, and mental healing.  As a community, we take this moment during our t’filah (prayer service) to speak aloud or meditate on the names of our loved ones who are in need of prayers of healing.

We invite you to use this form to share a name that you would like to be added to our communal Mi Shebeirach list.  You may add your own name or the name of a loved one.

Our Mi Shebeirach list is a way to demonstrate our value of building sacred community.  Together, we hold all the names of loved ones for whom we pray for healing.

We offer these prayers for you to recite

Don’t let me fall
As a stone falls on hard ground.
And don’t let my hands become dry
As the twigs of a tree
When the wind beats down the last leaves.
And when the storm raises dust from the earth
With anger and howling,
Don’t let me fall.
I have asked so much,
But as a blade of Your grass in a distant wild field
Lets drop a seed in the earth’s lap
And dies away,
Sow in me Your living breath
As You sow a seed in the earth.

Ribono Shel Olam, Master of the Universe,
in whose hands are the issues of life and health,
grant complete healing to _____,
along with all those who suffer.
Impart your wisdom to those who care for the sick.
To ______’s family, give strength enough for each day.
To us, the members of {his/her/their} community,
grant understanding and a caring heart,
so that we may be there when {he/she/they} needs us.
Return {him/her/them} to us, O God,
sound in body and whole in spirit, to do Your will.

May the Eternal One who blessed our ancestors bless those in need of healing today with health, peace, and tranquility.