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Creating sacred community where each person counts.

A small group of shared experience centered on connection.

SEP 7 • 6:30 PM

Minyan Launch Night

Join us to learn more, ask questions, and have an opportunity to be the first to sign up for your Minyan group.


To participate in Minyan you must be a member in good standing. To renew your membership or ask about your membership status, email the Membership Team.

How it Works

Small groups
The goal of a Minyan is to help each and every person in our community to feel needed, necessary, and a part of something sacred, and we believe such community must begin in small units of connectedness.
Shared affinities
Minyanim are loosely organized around shared affinities like an interest in food, culture or history. However, the primary purpose of each minyan is create meaningful interaction and connection among participants.
Regular gathering
Minyanim meet on a regular basis (usually once per month). You’ll be able to provide your input on the group that works best for your schedule when you sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a month we look forward to to getting together, discussing a little Torah – making connections and exploring a different area of Central Park!

Susan Z.

Through my experiences in the Minyan group I have met and had meaningful conversations with so many of the temple members I have seen around the building at different events. Now I feel comfort and kinship; we can sit together at events, hug, and share our temple experiences together.

Wendy T.

I have found a wonderful community in the walking Minyan, which I’ve participated in a few years in a row… Being part of the Minyan program has helped me feel a greater sense of connection within the CRS community.

Aren G.


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