CRS Livestream

Rodeph Sholom Livestreams Shabbat Services in the Main Sanctuary.  To access previous broadcasts, hover over the viewing screen and left click,  and a menu will appear.


Senior Rabbi Robert N. Levine, D.D. Senior Associate Rabbi Benjamin H. Spratt Assistant Rabbi Greg D. Weitzman Associate Cantor Shayna R. De Lowe
Senior Rabbi
Robert N. Levine, D.D.
Senior Associate Rabbi
Benjamin H. Spratt
Associate Rabbi
Greg D. Weitzman
Assistant Rabbi
Juliana S. Karol
Senior Cantor
Rebecca Garfein, D.M.
Associate Cantor
Shayna R. De Lowe

Welcome to Live Streaming at Rodeph Sholom!

As we launch this new initiative, we invite your feedback if you have had difficulties.  Please email and be as specific as you can about what’s wrong so we can address your problem.

We’d like to offer some trouble shooting tips:

  1. Fast internet connections are ideal for viewing, such as cable, fiber, and FiOS. Live streaming will not work with dial-up, and if you have a slow internet speed, you may experience stuttering or screen freezing.
  2. That said, if your screen freezes during viewing, please try reloading your browser. Also try clearing your history and shutting down other programs and web pages.
  3. Google Chrome and Firefox work well with our Live Stream, while Safari can be less dependable. Different combinations of browser and computer yield different results.  If you are unable to view Live Stream at all,  please try a different browser.
  4. Sound will largely be a function of the quality for your audio equipment. External speakers will greatly enhance the sound.

Archiving and viewing post broadcast:

  1. We keep Live Stream broadcasts for 30 days after they air.  To view past broadcasts, lick on the view screen and go to the archives.
  2. We are pleased to send downloadable links to broadcasts. Write to and and give the date and service you want to download. When you receive the link, it will work for 3 days.

Following along:
If you would like to purchase a prayer book to follow along with services, the external links below are available to you.  Click here for the Siddur and click here for the Machzor.