Congregant-led Torah Study


ZOOM: Register for the Zoom link “Turn it and turn it, for everything is in it.” (Pirkei Avot 5:26) In its many years of existence, our Torah study group has found this teaching to be true. Each week brings a conversation about history, culture, theology, and more. New participants are always welcome!

Shabbat Morning Chapel Service


Our Chapel Service is a highly participatory (in-person and online) and energetic service, offering Jewish prayer and study in a welcoming environment. Our rabbis lead a lively discussion of the weekly Torah portion, and members of the congregation often chant Torah and Haftarah portions. Everyone is welcome—no membership is necessary. Proof of vaccination with appropriate […]

Shabbat Torah Study


COME IN PERSON OR JOIN VIA ZOOM IN PERSON: No registration is required. Proof of vaccination with booster is required and masks are optional. ZOOM: REGISTER This session of Torah Study is led by our clergy. Join us to dig deep into the text of the Torah, our guiding text. To expedite entry you can […]