Meet Your Senior Clergy!
Apr 07 , 2022/Category

Oh, you know them? Well, you only think you know all about them! Rabbi Ben Spratt and Cantor Shayna De Lowe were featured on the Drinking and Drashing: Torah with a Twist podcast (Episode 219) on February 14. They discussed the week’s Torah portion, Ki Tisa (Exodus 30:11–34:35), with hosts Amanda K. Weiss and Gabe Snyder. But they talked about so much more.

A way to build community, the podcast’s aim is to bring us all closer together around a common center, one shared by generations of ancestors before us, that is, Torah. And what better way to start a conversation than with our own senior clergy team? They give it to us straight every week. And in this podcast, everyone else gets to hear their honest and straightforward views that are always sprinkled with earnestness and good humor. An abundance of which is in this podcast.

While you’re listening, and in the true spirit of Drinking and Drashing, make yourself a Gold Fashioned in honor of Ki Tisa. There’s gold tequila for the gold instruments of the mishkan and the golden calf. Mezcal for the smokiness from Moses’s burning of the golden calf. A dash of bitters for how awful that ash-water must have tasted. Lastly, some honey for sweetness and even more gold color! Here’s the recipe.

The host asks, “Rabbi Spratt, would you please riff on …”

Rabbi Spratt riff? C’mon, riffing is his middle name. Take a listen.