File of Life

File of Life

Dear Rodeph Sholom Family,

Amidst Covid-19, the mitzvah of pikuach nefesh, saving a life, looms large in our lives. During the pandemic we learned in palpable ways what it means to fear for our health and to be responsible for protecting the health of others. In response to our shared trauma, we step forward in strength, resolved to protect ourselves and our communities.

We want to thank our Caring Community and What Matters Committees for equipping all of us with a key resource – the File of Life. File of Life is your latest medical information – including allergies, medications, contact persons and more – all in one safe place. It allows first responders to immediately begin the best possible treatment, notify loved ones, and pass this vital data on to physicians at the emergency room.

We want to make this resource available to the entire congregation as well. Emergency preparedness is essential at every age and stage. Please email to request a packet which you can then pick up at the CRS Security Desk.

Each packet includes:

  • A magnetic pouch that holds all essential materials. It will adhere to a magnetic refrigerator door or can be affixed with tape to some highly visible surface in your kitchen. First responders know to look for such a packet.
  • Two medical information cards for two household members, with each person’s vital information. (Make copies for additional people if needed).
  • A sheet providing detailed instructions for completing the medical information cards and explaining the benefits of File of Life. We suggest you fold the instruction sheet and insert it in the magnetic pouch for future reference.
  • Two wallet size Health Care Proxy forms for two household members.* Once properly executed, the form is authorized and will be accepted at New York State medical facilities so your designated agent can make healthcare decisions if you are unable. We suggest you carry one in your wallet, and you may choose to make a photocopy or request additional cards for insertion in your File of Life pouch.