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Is Israel on Its Way to a Constitutional Crisis? Presented by the Movement for Quality Government in Israel With the JCC

Mon, May 1, 2023 • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM



Join us at the JCC for a special gathering with Dr. Adv. Eliad Shraga, the Chairman of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel (MQG), Dr. Ayala Procaccia, a retired Justice of the Supreme Court and the President of MQG, and Oren Heiman, a prominent social entrepreneur.

Adv. Dr. Shraga, Justice Procaccia and Mr. Heiman will give the audience a fascinating and unique view of the current situation in Israel – legislation moves, the implications of the legal overhaul on the State of Israel, and what to expect in the summer session of the Knesset. They will address the planned steps against the legal overhaul in the coming months, introducing a National Constitution, which contains hope, and a reorganization of relations between the branches of government to serve as the basis for all negotiations with the government, along with actions to strengthen the protection of human rights and prevent harm to them and upholding the values of governmental fairness and moral purity.

The Speakers

Adv. Shraga is one of the first Israeli activists to combine civil legal struggle with social protest, a combination that characterizes the activities of the Movement for Quality Government to this day. Justice Procaccia is a Knight of Quality of Government for 2020 in the Judiciary category and a former member of the Committee for the Selection of Judges. Oren Heiman is the CEO of NatureGrowth, Israel’s largest tech incubator focusing on Agtech.

MQG is a major player in the civil protest against the overhaul of the Judiciary by the government, including the organization of the first mass demonstration in Ha-Bima Square (the umbrellas demonstration), a 24/7 manned protest tent in front of the Knesset and the Supreme Court, a campaign against right-wing Knesset members who oppose the reform. In these troubled days, the Movement operates on three main levels: legal, protest and on the educational-informational level.