Sept E-Advocacy — Gimme Shelter
Sep 07 , 2018/Category
E-advocacy for September 2018: Our Fundamental Rights Hang in the Balance
Tell the Senate to reject Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court
We write while seeking shelter from the slings and arrows of anonymous condemnatory editorials and a book release which chronicles these chaotic times. We’ve consulted with RAC and they’ve  encouraged us to continue voicing our opposition to Kavanaugh, so this is our cause of the month for September.
We also want to let you know what we’re doing to give shelter. Rodeph Sholom is a sponsoring partner for the HIAS National Refugee Shabbat, on October 19th. Read more about it here, and email socialaction@crsnyc.orgif you would like to participate.
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The Federalists Society, a group of lawyers that want to inject conservative and libertarian ideas into the American legal system, handpicked Judge Kavanaugh to be President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy, as revealed in his writings, would shift the ideological balance of the Supreme Court and place
– reproductive rights,
– LGBTQIA+ equality,
– the environment,
– access to affordable health care,
– gun control,
– workers’ rights,
– civil liberties and civil rights,
– fair immigration policies,
– and criminal justice reform at risk for years to come. His record is directly at odds with the Reform Movement’s teachings and values, as expressed in biblical, rabbinic, and modern sources, specifically articulated in URJ’s resolutions.

Click here to tell our Senators to vote against Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Wait! Are you thinking, “Senators Schumer and Gillibrand already oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation, so why should I send this email?” Here’s why: by sending this email, you are telling our Senators that you feel very strongly about this topic. Their staff tracks the number of emails that they receive on a given issue. If many people contact them about this issue, they can tell their Senate colleagues that the response against Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination from New Yorkers has been overwhelming. You know – many drops of water make an ocean. Your voice counts and is counted! So click here and make a difference.