Memorial For Us All
May 04 , 2020/Category

Faith leaders are partnering with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts to hold a weekly community remembrance on Sundays to honor and celebrate those we lost to COVID-19. Offering unity, comfort, and healing through music, the tributes begin Sunday, May 3 at 6:00 PM and will continue each Sunday online at Memorial For Us All

Organizational partners are New York City’s major interfaith organizations that represent all of the City’s religious entities, including The New York Board of Rabbis. “These performances are intended to … unite us with the healing power of music. It is needed now, more than ever,” said Wynton Marsalis, who inaugurated the series. 

There is also a link for you to submit the names of a neighbor, friend, or loved one to be included in the memorials. You will be able to access these performances at Memorial For Us All and on Lincoln Center’s Facebook page and YouTube channel