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Israel Film Center Festival

Thu, Jun 1 - Mon, Jun 12


Join us for the 11th annual Israel Film Center Festival, with in-person screenings June 1-8, 2023. Virtual films screening June 1-12, 2023.


Dir. Shemi Zarhin Narrative | Hebrew | Israel | 2022 | 130 min

North American Premiere: Avihu, a controversial TV host, is back from suspension at the height of a prime minister election campaign. The leading candidate won’t speak to the media or give interviews, but has agreed—on his terms—to give Avihu an exclusive interview. He isn’t the only one who is silent; Avihu’s mother has mysteriously stopped talking. Caught in the whirlwind of their silence, Avihu is on a path to his own reckoning.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/IV6DHw-_FV4


Streaming: June 1–12, $18


In person: Thu, Jun 1, 7 pm, $25 | Followed by Reception https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/644990728961e50049447868


Elik and Jimmy  – השמן

Dir. Gudis Schneider

Narrative | Hebrew | Israel | 2022 | 93 min

North American Premiere: A witty and charming romantic comedy. Jimmy and Elik meet in the army, days before they’re discharged. A decade later, their paths cross again and they become friends. At least, until love gets in the mix.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/BU_70hqdjGU


Streaming: June 1–12, $18 https://watch.eventive.org/ifcf2023/play/645037f2a253010055ee023e

In person: Fri, Jun 2, 5:30 pm, $18 | 20s + 30s Shabbat Dinner at 7:30 pm, $36 (dinner + movie) https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/643d75f74b02c3007b56941f



Dir. Ofir Raul Graizer

Narrative | Hebrew | Israel | 2022 | 127 min

Having lived in Chicago for a decade, Israeli swimming coach Eli (Michael Moshonov) goes back to Tel Aviv after the sudden death of his estranged father. While there, he visits his childhood friend’s flower shop. However, the reunion triggers a series of life-altering events. After the success of The Cakemaker, writer/director Ofir Raul Graizer returns with an affectionate tribute to ‘60s and ‘70s cinema in a film full of emotion, color, and fragrance that pays homage to values such as friendship, love, and moral responsibility.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/DLdN5qWVJvI


Streaming: June 1–12, $18 https://watch.eventive.org/ifcf2023/play/6452ab66480f370026f94810

In person: Sun, Jun 4, 2 pm, $18 https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/6448206ee4eb07006c7bfbd0


June Zero*

Dir. Jake Paltrow

Narrative | Hebrew | USA/Israel | 2023 | 105 min

Israel, 1962. After an emotional public trial, Adolf Eichmann has been tried and sentenced to death for crimes against humanity and the Jewish people. June Zero follows three characters involved in this nation-defining event: David, a 13-year-old Libyan immigrant, who works in the factory where Eichmann’s corpse was incinerated; Hayim, a Moroccan guard assigned to Eichmann’s jail cell; and Micha, a Polish survivor of Auschwitz and chief interrogator at the trial. These three seemingly disparate characters are inexorably connected in this seminal moment of Jewish history.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/FQMDlpaXMYE


In person Only: Sun, Jun 4, 4:30 pm, $18 https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/64482413c4e57b0053e93592


Concerned Citizen  – אזרח מודאג

Dir. Idan Haguel

Narrative | Hebrew | Israel | 2022 | 82 min

Architect Ben thinks of himself as a socially progressive, enlightened gay man. But a neighborly conflict over a newly planted tree in his up-and-coming south Tel Aviv neighborhood challenges his view of himself in this satirical drama on gentrification, xenophobia, and identity.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/yIR8uKPk-Ac


Streaming: June 1–12, $18 https://watch.eventive.org/ifcf2023/play/64511d2a977ffb00888f438b

In person: Mon, Jun 5, 7 pm, $18 https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/64498f7bb7e6830099df2397


Karaoke – קריוקי

Dir. Moshe Rosenthal

Narrative | Hebrew | Israel | 2022 | 100 min

A comedy about a married middle-class suburban couple who are drawn to their new neighbor, a charismatic bachelor who hosts karaoke evenings at his apartment. Tova and Meir fall hard for Itzik’s energetic lifestyle. They enter into a competition amongst their other neighbors and soon between themselves, trying to win Itzik’s attention.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/IwwFvXOKZOg


Streaming: June 1–12, $18 https://watch.eventive.org/ifcf2023/play/64511d8615191b0047dfa649

In person: Tue, Jun 6, 5:30 pm, $18 https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/644990042079e500b062a590


My Neighbor Adolf*

Dir. Leon Prudovsky

Narrative | English/German/Spanish | Israel/Poland | 2023 | 96 min

New York City Premiere: South America, 1960, just after Israel’s abduction of Adolf Eichmann. Polsky, a lonely and grumpy Holocaust survivor, lives in the Colombian countryside. When a mysterious old German man moves in next door, Polsky suspects that his new neighbor is… Adolf Hitler. But when no one believes him, Polsky is forced to engage in a relationship with the enemy in order to obtain irrefutable proof.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/uhiO0CZHgf4


In person Only: Tue, Jun 6, 7:30 pm, $18 https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/64498fbc2d3c3000261a98ee


The Other Widow – הפילגש

Dir. Ma’ayan Rypp

Narrative | Hebrew | Israel | 2022 | 83 min

New York Premiere: Ella (Dana Ivgy, Cinema Sabaya) is a costume designer involved in a long-term relationship with Assaf, a respected but married playwright. When Assaf dies unexpectedly, she attends every day of his shiva while keeping her identity under wraps. Diving into a world once forbidden to her, Ella grows closer and closer to Assaf’s brother, parents, and especially his wife (Ania Bukstein, A Quiet Heart).

Trailer: https://youtu.be/mm3df__M6As


Streaming: June 1–12, $18 https://watch.eventive.org/ifcf2023/play/64511e0db69be50058e7d7df

In person: Wed, Jun 7, 7 pm, $18 https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/644990a7b7e6830099df246e


The Good Person – הנפש הטובה

Dir. Eitan Anner

Narrative | Hebrew | Israel | 2022 | 86 min

North American Premiere: Sharon—an ambitious, workaholic, arthouse film producer based in Tel Aviv—finds herself on the brink of bankruptcy. She seizes an opportunity to collaborate with Uzi Silver, a once-revered film director, who has since become an Ultra-Orthodox rabbi. As they begin to make his comeback film—an adaptation of the epic biblical story of King Saul—artistic differences escalate into hostility.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/aQ4oJQP6VnQ


Streaming: June 1–12, $18 https://watch.eventive.org/ifcf2023/play/64511bd2b69be50058e7d6a1

In person: Thu, Jun 8, 7 pm, $21 | 6 pm Closing Night Reception https://ifcf2023.eventive.org/schedule/64498efe57df2f0042589eb3


Thu, Jun 1
Mon, Jun 12