Forward Together: Analyzing the Election in Our Divided Nation
Oct 23 , 2020/Category

How did Biden and Harris win? Will they be able to heal our divided nation? How will they govern? Two of the nation’s top journalists on Washington politics, Michael S. Schmidt, Washington Correspondent and Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Congressional Editor for The New York Times, will provide insight and answer your questions.

Michael S. Schmidt is a Washington correspondent for The New York Times and has had numerous scoops and front-page stories of national security and federal investigations. He was part of two teams that won Pulitzer Prizes in 2018—one for reporting on workplace sexual harassment issues and the other for coverage of President Donald Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russia. He is most recently the author of Donald Trump v. The United States: Inside the Struggle to Stop a President, a new book with exhaustive reporting on the history of the Russia investigation and the confrontations between the president and those in his administration who tried to put the brakes on his most extreme behaviors.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis is the congressional editor at The New York Times. She has covered politics from Washington for 19 years, writing on Congress, three presidential campaigns and three presidents. She joined the Times in 2014 after stints at Bloomberg News, the Associated Press, The Baltimore Sun and Congressional Quarterly. Julie is the 2009 winner of the Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress for her coverage of the federal response to the 2008 financial meltdown. She is also co-author of Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration.