American Jewish Thought Since 1934 with Rabbi David Ellenson
Feb 02 , 2021/Category

Please join us for a stimulating course led by Dr. David Ellenson, Chancellor Emeritus at HUC-JIR (and CRS congregant), who has been recognized by the National Jewish Book Council’s Awards many times. His latest book, Jewish American Thought Since 1934 (with Michael Marmur, Brandeis University Press 2020), will be the foundation of this three-session course in which we will explore: 1) The Holocaust and Israel, 2) Feminism, Gender, and Sexuality, and 3) Peoplehood.

In his notably compelling and deft approach, Dr. Ellenson will have you coming away understanding the key questions that have occupied the American Jewish community on these topics over the last eighty years. You will learn about some of the most significant figures in contemporary American Jewish Thought. And you will be able to readily articulate some of your own views and commitments in the wider context of an ever-unfolding American Jewish conversation!