CRS Craft Corner: Miriam’s Cup
Mar 27 , 2020/Category

We first meet Moses’s sister Miriam as she is placing him into the waters of the Nile, hiding him in the reeds. From that first moment, along with the miraculous continuous well of spring water that followed her through the desert, and her victory song and dance after leading the women across the Red Sea, Miriam has been associated with water. As a leader of the Hebrew women, she showed courage, wisdom, and ingenuity. Placing Miriam’s Cup on our seder tables filled with water honors the role that women played in the Exodus from Egypt. 

Here’s what you need: 
1 glass footed goblet 
Blue beads, all different shades (represents water) 
Small bells (represents Miriam’s timbrel) 
Craft wire – about 18 inches 
Gold and silver paint pens 

How to make it: 
String and secure a bell on the end of the 18-inch piece of wire. String the beads through the wire. Twist the wire around the top bead to secure. Wrap the beaded wire around the glass stem to decorate the cup. Use the paint pens to write “Miriam’s Cup” or in Hebrew “Kos Miriam” on the glass. 

Place your beautiful Miriam’s Cup next to Elijah’s Cup on the seder table. Pesach Sameach!