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Welcome to Minyan

Creating sacred community, where each person counts.

What is Minyan?

Small groups, shared affinities, with the purpose of connection

From the beginning, our tradition claimed connection as the foundation of life. “It is not good for a person to be alone,” is the divine voice that echoed forward through the generations. As humanity would spread from Eden to the edges of the world, we learn that the gathering of 10 worthy individuals is mighty enough to sway even God. As our ancestors wandered through the wilderness, they gathered in community to build a house for God together, as the collective recognized communal construction as the recipe for divine presence. 2000 years ago, as the center of Judaism fell away, rabbinic Judaism arose to reclaim the portable pathway to divinity throughout the world wilderness.
And in this moment, the early rabbis claimed communal counting as the new Tabernacle, the gathering of souls as the walls in which God dwells. Minyan – the smallest definition of community, the counting of individuals into a collective, relinquished the need for brick and mortar in favor of heart and spirit. And in this way, the heart of Judaism could never again be destroyed through siege or expulsion. For the heart of Judaism, the house of God, rests in the power of people gathering, where each person counts.

How it Works

Small groups
The goal of a Minyan is to help each and every person in our community to feel needed, necessary, and a part of something sacred, and we believe such community must begin in small units of connectedness.
Shared affinities
Minyanim are loosely organized around shared affinities like an interest in food, culture or history. However, the primary purpose of each minyan is create meaningful interaction and connection among participants.
Regular gathering
Minyanim meet on a regular basis (usually once per month). You’ll be able to provide your input on the group that works best for your schedule when you sign up.

2020-2021 Offerings

Here are our groups-at-a-glance.  Please follow below to sign up and see more details on our Minyan offerings!

Open Limited Spaces Full

Registration for this cycle of Minyan groups has now closed. For more information about Minyan, email


How do I sign up?
You must be a member of Congregation Rodeph Sholom to join. When registration opens, you will be asked to offer your top two choices of Minyanim, and please make sure you are able to attend all of the listed meeting dates and times for them.  If you need any assistance, email
When I submit my desired Minyan(im) requests, am I guaranteed a spot in one of them?
We will do everything we can to ensure you get one of your top two choices.  We will be placing people on a first-come-first-serve basis and will notify you about your Minyan within 48 hours of your request.
What if the Minyan I’m interested in is already full?
Minyan is based around small-group belonging which means limiting the size of each group.  If your requested Minyanim are all full we will prioritize your placement into another available Minyan, or welcome you to be trained to ignite your own Minyan.
What if I can only make some of the meeting times of a Minyan?
The purpose of Minyan is connection which depends on the consistency of shared time and space.  While we recognize that life and the world sometimes present unexpected conflicts, please only request to join a Minyan whose meeting dates and times all work in your schedule.
What if I want to start my own Minyan?
Wonderful! Please contact your clergy at and we will explore this together!