CRS Celebrates Cantor Garfein

CRS Celebrates

Cantor Garfein

You are invited to join the Rodeph Sholom family for Havdalah and a Musical Celebration of


Saturday, May 15 at 7:30 PM

If the live stream does not begin to play at 7:30 PM, please refresh this page.

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Send a Tribute

As Cantor Garfein prepares to leave Rodeph Sholom, the most important blessings will come from you, her beloved congregants.

After her twenty-three years at CRS, you are the best sources to talk about the sacred relationships, the memorable stories and songs, and the teachings of Torah that have been the core of Cantor Garfein’s time with us. So, our celebration of Cantor Garfein won’t be complete without your words and reflections. 

Please share a video messagean email or handwritten letter and let Cantor Garfein know what she means to you.

Please address handwritten letters to:

c/o Whitney Rich
7 W83rd Street
NY, NY 10024