Cantor Garfein in California!
Feb 12 , 2018/Category

Editor’s note: As with our congregant trip to Israel, occasionally we have the great luck to send a CRS correspondent to capture a special event far away.  Intrepid reporter Julianne Simson (who may be seen in the cantor’s office when not reporting for us), attended a very special concert in Los Angeles, and sent us this note of triumph with pictures.  Thanks, Julianne!

There is a certain excitement we all know when you find out your favorite celebrity is a fellow “M.O.T.” (Member of the Tribe) – “no way, SHE is Jewish too?!” Last week, Cantor Garfein, alongside seven cantors from around the country, performed in the Jewish Musical “Stars of David: Story to Song” at Temple Isaiah in Beverly Hills, CA.

This show is a collection of monologues and songs based on stories of notable Jews today, including Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Gloria Steinem, and Leonard Nimoy of blessed memory,  just to name a few. Cantor Garfein so effortlessly transformed into Fran Drescher in the empowering song called “What Do They Know?” – you may remember this from Cantors & Co. last year, and it’s so fun and catchy it’s probably still playing in your head!

I was so proud to sit there and watch our East Coast star shine on the stage! We all know how great she is as our cantor every weekend, every holiday, and at all our milestones, but if you haven’t had a chance to see her perform theatrically, find a way now, as you will be in for a treat!