Brit Kehilah/Community Covenant

Brit Kehilah/Community Covenant

Jewish tradition has much to say about kindness. In fact, kindness, or chesed, is mentioned 245 times in the Bible and we even learn that when God went to create Adam and the angels argued as to whether or not God should create people, the angels answered, “Let him be created because he will dispense acts of lovingkindness.” (Genesis Rabbah 8:5) We learn from this midrash that we owe our very existence to the fact that we should be kind.

This year in Adventures & Discoveries, we continue with our Kindness & Wellness Campaign to increase kindness in Adventures & Discoveries, in the CRS community, and in the larger community. Kindness starts with each of us as individuals. First, we need to build a community that values kindness and model for each other what kindness looks like.


A warm, welcoming and kind community only results when students, parents, teachers, and Education and Youth staff are working together to implement the following:

    1. Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that is in the best interest of the Rodeph Sholom Religious School community and their fellow classmates.
    2. Parents have a responsibility to help students develop positive attitudes toward learning and understand the importance of kind and respectful behavior in our community.
    3. Teachers have a responsibility to develop and encourage positive and kind behavior through teaching, classroom management and the relationships they build with the students.
    4. The Education and Youth staff has a responsibility to provide a positive learning environment for our students and, therefore, is committed to holding all who are a part of the community to the expectations listed in the Brit Kehilah/Community Covenant.

    In addition to each individual class’s brit (covenant) which must be upheld, the Rodeph Sholom Religious School has several school-wide expectations (see Brit Kehilah below).

    Meeting Expectations

    When expectations are upheld we learn, thrive, and develop relationships within our CRS community in an environment of mutual respect where we foster the emotional and physical comfort of others.

    In cases where the classroom and/or Brit Kehilah expectations are not met:

    1. Teachers will try to resolve any behavioral issues within the classroom.
    2. If not successful, the Educational Administrators will address the student.
    3. If behavior does not change, the parents will be contacted to immediately pick the student up from school.
    4. If misbehavior continues, a meeting between the parent(s), student, educational administrator and Rabbi will ensue.

    Brit Kehilah/Community Covenant to be signed by all students and parents:

    1. Use kind words and kind actions – Use gender inclusive word choice when addressing others, invite others to sit at your table or next to you at tefillah, recognize the strengths of and complement others. The tone and language I use can help create a culture of kindness.
    2. Respect others – Listen to others openly, participate in all activities and follow directions. Be polite and responsive. With these behaviors, I can foster the emotional and physical comfort of others.
    3. Be caring and supportive of others – Offer your help, work cooperatively with others, include those who are left out, be an ally, check in if something seems wrong. I can build an inclusive community.
    4. Be inclusive and accept others for their similarities and differences – Everyone belongs in our community. Our diversity is what makes us vibrant and strong. I can learn from others.
    5. Be mindful and present – Refrain from personal cell phone use. Participate in all activities and programs. My focus matters.
    6. Bring any concerns to teachers/staff – We are here to help and support you. I have help.
    7. Respect all spaces and property of CRS – Clean up after yourself and others, keep bathrooms neat and functioning, lend a helping hand to others whenever you are able. I am responsible for the spaces I use.

The Religious Education & Youth Staff and Clergy Team appreciate you signing and upholding this Brit Kehilah/Community Convenant.
Kerith Braunfeld Rabbi Spratt
Marcia Stein Rabbi Karol
Jessica Cohen Rabbi Goldberg
Juliet Fixel Rabbi Weller
Melody Kromenacker Cantor De Lowe
Laisa Garcia Cantor Iacono