American Jewish Experiences of Identity & Belonging
Aug 02 , 2022/Category

Springtide Research Institute’s Head of Community Engagement Marte Aboagye was joined by Rabbi Joshua Stanton and Rabbi Benjamin Spratt: co-authors of the just released book, “Awakenings: American Jewish Transformations in Identity, Leadership, and Belonging.”

Together they discussed trends in religious organizations, with a focus on American Jewish life, narrowing in on what we’re seeing specifically with Gen Z. Springtide’s research from “The State of Religion & Young People 2022: Navigating Uncertainty” as well as fresh findings from our soon-to-release report “The State of Religion & Young People 2023: Mental Health” were referenced as well.

In “Awakenings,” Rabbis Stanton and Spratt answer, “Why are religious organizations on the decline? What changes have caused many of them to lose touch with modern spiritual needs? What does it take to remain relevant in today’s world” They argue, “In every corner of our community, Jewish identity, wisdom, ritual, and power are being remixed and reimagined. As centralized authority declines, American Judaism moves and grows in a multitude of directions. As technology reduces the importance of geographic boundaries, new opportunities for connection and new modes of exercising power emerge. New mixtures of ancient Jewish practice and modern needs are beginning to shape the renewal of American Judaism, widening access to Jewish wisdom and ritual, transforming Jewish consumers into Jewish co-creators, and building new networks of Jewish belonging.”