Adult Learning

Adult Education at Congregation Rodeph Sholom

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful year of learning in 5774. While we work to put together another year of fantastic programming we offer you this year’s Summer Adult Ed series:  Can We Make Shabbat on Tuesday?: The Hows and Whys of Jewish Time:

Can We Make Shabbat on Tuesday?: The Hows and Whys of Jewish Time
Tuesdays: July 15, 22, 29; August 5 (Tisha B’Av Study and Service)

The Jewish calendar is multi-layered, comprehensive, and experiential. The times and tides guide our ritual, spiritual, and maybe even emotional lives. In the dog days of summer, come and learn with your rabbis and cantors as we explore some of the ins and outs of Jewish time. No prior experience is necessary. Bring yourself (and a friend if you want!) and your questions. RSVP to 646-454-3029.

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to studying with you in 5775!

Give us 10 friends

Give us 10 friends, and we’ll give you Torah- or theology, history, poetry, and more- taught by one of our rabbis or cantors. We’ll work with you to decide on a topic, time, and location. Look for more information coming in the mail, but in the meantime—if you are interested in hosting or being a part of a small study group, please contact Rabbi Laufer’s study at or (646) 454-3029.

Continue your spiritual and intellectual growth • Strengthen your connection to your community

Join us in Jewish learning

נשאלה שאילה זו בפניהם: תלמוד גדול או מעשה גדול? נענה רבי טרפון ואמר: מעשה גדול, נענה ר”ע ואמר: תלמוד גדול, נענו כולם ואמרו: תלמוד גדול, שהתלמוד מביא לידי מעשה.

“Is study greater or practice?”  Rabbi Tarfon said, “Practice is greater.”  Rabbi Akiva said, “Study is greater.”  Then they all answered and said, “Study is greater for it leads to deeds.”