Welcome from Rabbi Levine

Welcome from our Senior Rabbi, Robert N. Levine, D.D.

I would like to extend a personal welcome to you. Rodeph Sholom is a wonderful congregation, embodying a strong commitment to purposeful Jewish living and the pursuit of human dignity. Our congregation is a true community, excelling in meaningful worship, educational opportunities for all ages, social and tzedakah programs.

We strive to be an extended family of people who care about each other and our community.
Rodeph Sholom has always sought to blend the teachings of our Jewish heritage with the best lessons of modern culture. We are proud of our beautiful worship services, our commitment to social action, and our emphasis on Jewish education for people of all ages. Rodeph Sholom was the first Reform congregation to open a Jewish Day School. Our schools, like our congregation, are flourishing.

Our Temple House and sanctuary, designed by the renowned architect Charles B. Meyers, was dedicated on Purim, March 1930. The architecture style follows the Romanesque of the 11th and 12th centuries. Beautiful, yet simple in design, the sanctuary enhances our sense of reverence, as attention is directed to the Ark housing our Torah scrolls and the engraved Hebrew words: “Know before whom you stand.”

Many of life’s most important milestones are commemorated in our synagogue, and I am privileged to be a part of them. Come share with us by joining the Rodeph Sholom family.

Rabbi Robert N. Levine, D.D.

For questions about membership, please email our Director of Membership Services, Ruth Bernstein, at rbernstein@crsnyc.org or call (646) 454-3051.

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